4 definitions by electric jim

a symbolizes hunger. not a literal hat, but something that you say you have on when you want some food.
let's stop in here man, i've got my burger hat on
by electric jim August 15, 2004
a humiliating defeat or failure.
that last game, that was an incineration if i've ever seen one.

yeah, well you only went vegan to impress julie. incineration!
by electric jim August 15, 2004
to beat someone by alot at a competition.
man, you incinerated that guy. He got incinerated at the tournament.
by electric jim August 15, 2004
really cool, but in a more subtle way. as opposed to extreme or awesome. one of the highest compliments you can give someone. being rad is like being cool without having to work for it. it's like a natural coolness.
she seems quiet at frist, but she's actually pretty rad when you get to know her.

these pro skaters have it all wrong, it should be less extreme and more rad, like it was back in the day.
by electric jim August 15, 2004