Somebody that has no penis. Or an insult to imply that one has no penis.
Dude, Jared is such a no penis.

Hey Jared, no penis for you!
by Bryan February 10, 2005
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noun: a woman's vagina. The opposite of a penis. What a women has and a man does not. va-jay-jay
Wanna know why that guy was nice to you Lisa? It's because you have a no penis.
by Jor Jor May 11, 2006
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A comeback used to render an insulting person's opinion invalid.
John: You suck


John: ...
by mjbrooks194 March 20, 2009
a phrase to let people around you know that the penis game has started
Person 1:penis penis penis
Person 2: Fuuuuck I hate the game
Person 1: PENIS!!!
by TheTrueGodHisLostFriend November 5, 2010
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An exclaimation of extreme annoyance.

Must be said in a cheery tone, despite the feelings of malice which are often behind its use.

Has its origins in gambling circles, often used to describe feelings of hate towards another player who has laid a better card/hand.
David: Two of spades, ha!

Kenneth: Awww...... PENIS PENIS!
by beetlejuiceecis May 21, 2009
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An underdeveloped third leg between your two fully developed legs that only males have
Kenneth: hey, Chris... what’s a penis?
chris: Bruh don’t ask me cause idk
Noosha: Fellas it’s obviously the underdeveloped third leg between your fully developed legs
by JumboJuice69420 August 1, 2019
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Something used to fuck someone’s mom last night after dying in a cod lobby.
P1: *dies to P2*
Also P1: I fucked your mom last night.
P2: Not cool man she k*illed herself.
P1: Oh, I’m sorry man-
P2: After seeing your tiny penis!
by OakWood10 January 16, 2022
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