An imposter fart is basically a shart. But more sus
"Dude why were you gone for so long"
"I took an imposter fart"
by RaidoSus January 19, 2021
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It is when a vending machine gets with some of the snacks and starts eating too many mnms and spits them out on the street and the hey hit people in the eye and they turn into a sussy Baka and are very hostile and dangerous. These sussy bakas eventually turn into imposters. You can also turn into an imposter by screaming sus at the top of your lungs at 3:00 am in the morning.
Bro I accidentally screamed sus at the top of my lungs at 3:00 in the morning!
I don't think I wi- (turns into imposter) sAy yOu aRE mY bAKa!!!!!!!!!!
(That is what imposter is sus would say)
by Kitkatloverman May 10, 2021
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A troll who tries to impersonate a celebrity or other well known people. This can range from celebrities or just famous people amongst a small community.

These people are often just annoying, they also have a tendency to make fun of the celebrity they are impersonating.
ImposterTroll: Hello everyone I am Brad Pit and I would like to tell how much all of you suck!

Unit7: Crap another Imposter Troll. :(

Bradpitluver44: OMG ITS BRAD PIT! WOOT!! MARRY ME?!?

Imposter Troll: Sure, I would love to be the father of your first born.
by Unit7 May 11, 2009
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When someone sees to much amogus memes and can't get it out of there head eventually connecting everything with among us.
Dan: Yo, That trash can is looking kinda sus.

Steve: Stop talking about among us I think you got the Imposter Syndrome
by Sus69 May 19, 2021
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So basically if ur being sus and ur an imposter, ur a sussy imposter get it?? HAHAHHAAH SO FUNNY
by ooja ooja April 07, 2021
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Someone who plays WAY too much Among Us and ends up being only the imposter.
Me: Ayo, have you seen the red sus?
Friend: Yes, he is always the imposter.
Me: Yeah, I think he's got the imposter syndrome.
by ThisIsKindaSus March 16, 2021
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Meaning came from the game Among Us.
Sussy means sus which is the word for suspicious. And inside the game there is the character imposter.
- Who should we vote out?
- We should vote out -Xperson- because he is a sussy imposter.
by doritos_are_sus July 29, 2021
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