something fucking sick and makes you wanna puke.
when i think of kevin and katherine, i get so disgusted.
by Liv Orvis May 11, 2008
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Your giving your grandmother a kiss and she slips her tongue in.
oh dear lord that is disgusting!
by superdupercool July 28, 2006
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1. A truly disgusting (and usually unattractive) individual.

2. A repugnant psychopath that is disliked by most who are acquainted with it. Often oblivious of their own revulsion and of how disliked they truly are.

A combination of the words disgusting and repugnant.
She was the proverbial office pariah - A disgustant and outcast that few would have anything to do with - due in large part to her disagreeable and narcissistic nature.
by Andrew - Johannesburg March 5, 2012
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Alternative for level of disgust.
As slurred / created by Stacey Chamberlain 17th May 2019
A: That's shocking
B: I know right, maximum disgustness
by Jaymz1976 May 18, 2019
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What most attempts at entries on urbandictionary end up being.
Another one of those poo-vagina entries. Disgusting.
by felixh November 30, 2015
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You disgust me so much I'd rather stick my hand in a fryer than look at you even a single second more
by Stonerboy42069 September 27, 2019
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