Batman: Hey B*tch! Get over here and DO something!
Robin(the sidekick):*sigh*, what the hell...i guess
by vainglory January 16, 2009
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A popular contraption made by T-Mobile, which can be used not only for making phone calls, but for AOL Instant Messenger, email, text messaging, internet, and several other features. Most popularly used by teenagers to constantly communicate with their friends at ALL TIMES, including while at school, in the car with parents, in movie theatres, and even at social gatherings. Basically, its a social life in a phone.
Boy: My blackberry's so cool, I can play games in class.

Girl: PSHHH my sidekick's so much better, I can check my MYSPACE in class!
by danielle rose <3 August 11, 2005
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the phone every myspace addict,scene queen/king,rich bitch kid,young celeb e.g paris hilton,and internet celeb has/wants.
it's a phone for the youth
and the flipping action is real sweet
dude without sidekick "omg what the hell is that?"
dude with sidekick "yo its a sidekick dawg!"
by Mayumi April 12, 2007
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t-mobile (danger) sidekick.
Popular PDA phone.
the t-mobile sidekick is lindsay lohan's favorite cell phone.
by Gaunt911 August 7, 2004
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Made by danger sold by t-mobile. One of the most popular phones to the urban world. And mostly purchased by myspace addicts.

Its all about the sidekick 3.
if you don't gotta kick to flip.. you might as well flip a tit.
by 0hithinKtHeyLiKeMe August 30, 2006
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A popular phone made by Danger Inc. and offered by T-Mobile which features a Web browser, email, instant messaging as well as being able to talk to others.

Its featured on Nappy Roots' song "My Sidekick"
"I think she want it"
how you know..?
"I know because my Sidekick goes.."beep beep beep beep beep..."
by mil-town November 8, 2006
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The hottest and greates piece of technology on earth (even though its not the most hightech) made popular by celebrities this phone is amazing (I'm on it right now) it can do many thingz aol,yahoo,web browser,camera,email,note taking, huge phonebook,light weight,cool swivel screen,great aplications and a BEST FRIEND
"I Wrote this definition on my sidekick2"

"Hey fool crystal's all showing off her lil flip phone pull out ur sidekick2"
by O.P.G April 29, 2006
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