just another term for being drunk, particularly drunk with a lot of energy.
"Wow, Terri is fueled, shes on the dance floor rolling around on her side..."
by Jared M February 26, 2008
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food for the human body. Includes healthy food like meats and vegetables.
I gave my body lots of fuel for breakfast.
by Graham Owen December 29, 2006
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Crack, speed, cocaine or other amphetamine type illegal substance.
1. Hey dude...If ya got some fuel we can go out tonight.
2. I'm getting some sleep tonight as I am out of fuel.
3. Gees that fuel got my motor running.
4. I will fuel up and come over.
by CamboGT October 12, 2006
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Hang on, afk, I need teh fuel!
by Devadander90 July 10, 2008
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quite possibly one of the best rock bands, who created more than likely the best rock ballad of the last 10 years in Hemorrhage (In My Hands), and in Falls On Me...I have seen them 9 times to date, and they are fucking better each time...Brett Scallions is a fucking genius, and so are the rest of the band.

Anyone who hasnt heard them, or who has only heard their radio shit, I request you listen to "Last Time", "Prove (to me you're something like human)", "quarter" or "jesus or a gun"...all good shit
dude...i was front row at the last last 8 FUEL concerts!
by cortex October 12, 2004
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I cannot believe this is the only true definition of Fuel on this website.
by IRISHrepublicanARMY December 21, 2003
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Dissolving adderall in everclear in attempt to have your body absorb it faster
I used to snort adderall, now it's all about fueling
by Twiztdsmurf December 29, 2017
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