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She laughs A LOT. Stefania loves to have fun and is very social. She likes to meet new people so she seems overly friendly at first, and you start to think she's annoying, but once you get to know her she's actually a great person. She usually has friends around and when she has her friends around she acts very stuiped and annoying, but if you catch her alone she will seem very sweet, caring, funny, and all out amazing. Is also very smart and loves to help people. She loooooves kids and the parents love her because she is so good with their kids. In a short summary she seems very annoying at first, but once you get to know her she is very fun to talk with.
Wow man you know that girl Stefania, we met the other day and thought was super weird? Well I saw her by herself at the store yesterday and she was actually super hot inside and out.
by KitKat + Butters r life April 02, 2017
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stef-a-knee-uh -noun

1. the one that got away. the girl you wished you could've dated.

2. the perfect mixture of a grecian goddess and hispanic firecracker

3. one of the most beautiful/unique female names given

origin-- greek meaning crown (royalty)
1) Remember Stefania? I just found her on facebook. I always had a thing for her.

2) I wish all girls could be Stefania.

3) Stefania, it's the best name ever
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