Something so convicing it is irrefutable.
George W. Bush's argument for invading Iraq was not convincible in the slightest. My argument for poking him in the eye, however, is utterly convincible.
by Convincible Hero Of Hiphoprosy November 13, 2003
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A person who doesn't consider themselves bisexual or bi-curious, but entertains the thought of a same-sex experience with the right person under the right circumstances.
I'd never give up the OFRC and I'm not really in to girls so much, but for her I'm definitely bi-convinceable.
by octalpus August 22, 2009
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It means when someone is doing something really below there intelligence levels and your concern from there mental health
Im convinced your off crack bro
by Nevaeh B (Shabooka Rolands ) December 6, 2020
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It means, she is ready to fuck you if you believe her.
Used especially while you're referring to your female friend in your conversation, though it can be used by females for males. *his/her pants off* is used as an adverb in this sentence. It means, she is ready to fuck you if you believe her.
Person1: Hey mane! I heard that you were hitting on her. Is it true?
Person2: Nay, she is just trying to convince you her pants off! (convince someone your pants off)
by lazy_ass June 21, 2017
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When you con Vince but in past tense
Hym "Well I'm convinced"

Iam "What? Convinced of what?"

Hym "Of everything! I've been completely convinced about everything by everyone. Time to change my ways!"

Iam "What?"

Hym "That's clearly what they want to hear. How much change would be enough?"

Iam "What do you mean?"

Hym "Let's get precise. What is the exact amount of change I would need to achieve to appease them? What is the bare minimum?"

Iam "I don't know..."

Hym "Neither do they. They don't care. It's an endlessly moving goalpost. I change any amount and when they fail to give me what I want they'll just say 'well, you need to do a little but more' and I'll change again and so on and so forth. It won't even be enough."

Iam "What's your point?"

Hym "They're never going to stop. Their impositions will never end. The horde will never be appeased. Until we die with nothing. And 'look at him try and we're still not stopping' they'll cry laughing. Because I was right. They just want you to writhing around in our own filth beneath them like the worms they perceive us to be."

Iam "So..."

Hym "So, they've only left us one option."

Iam "Which is?"

Hym "The only thing they understand."

Iam "...Punishment?"

Hym "Punishment. It is the only thing the horde will ever understand. They pretend to care but it wouldn't even notice if we chopped off a few of it's limbs.

Iam "...They don't understand..."

Hym "There is precisely one thing they understand."
by Hym Iam April 10, 2022
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