Something so convicing it is irrefutable.
George W. Bush's argument for invading Iraq was not convincible in the slightest. My argument for poking him in the eye, however, is utterly convincible.
by Convincible Hero Of Hiphoprosy November 13, 2003
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A person who doesn't consider themselves bisexual or bi-curious, but entertains the thought of a same-sex experience with the right person under the right circumstances.
I'd never give up the OFRC and I'm not really in to girls so much, but for her I'm definitely bi-convinceable.
by octalpus August 22, 2009
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It means, she is ready to fuck you if you believe her.
Used especially while you're referring to your female friend in your conversation, though it can be used by females for males. *his/her pants off* is used as an adverb in this sentence. It means, she is ready to fuck you if you believe her.
Person1: Hey mane! I heard that you were hitting on her. Is it true?
Person2: Nay, she is just trying to convince you her pants off! (convince someone your pants off)
by lazy_ass June 21, 2017
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A superhero who's superpower is the ability to convince anyone of anything
"Dude, I knew it wasn't true, but the convincible convinced me it was true!"
by Convincible August 21, 2014
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When one makes you believe they are a Serial Killer.
It was convincible during the conversation between Carol and Peter about how long it has been since they last seen each other. Kristi listen upon their conversation and wondered why they kept on referring to the past and that it had been a while since they killed someone and got away with it. When Kristi asked what were they talking about they took a sharp knife and duck tape and.......
by kricarpet August 31, 2010
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