A extremely underrated character from danganronpa 2 who is really caring and saved nagito from dying due to teruteru i also really want to hug him he looks like he gives good hugs
by mini marshmello April 24, 2021
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An imposter that is so very sussy that you know they imposter.
Oh you sussy imposter *Violently pisses* you soooooo sussy. *gets stabbed and bleeds out from sussy imposter*
by SussyBakaTimmothyJ June 02, 2021
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Somebody who dresses up like another's partner in order to have sex with them.
I was fucking my girlfriend, and then I realized it was a playtime imposter.
by The Man with No Name November 08, 2017
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A female who wears far to much makeup giving them the appearance of a slightly convincing transsexual.
Bill: dude look at Blake hitting on that tranny!
Mike: no man I think that's a chick!... Imposter tranny!
by chizzlechad May 17, 2010
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when you are the imposter in among us and you are being sussy so the crewmates call an emergency meeting and say that you are sussy and you say that you arent sussy even though you are very sussy like the imposter from among us
crewmate: yo the imposter is being sussy
imposter: no im not being sussy please
crewmate: yes you are so sussy you literally have imposter syndrome like the imposter from among us
imposter: no
by LiterallyYeMom May 10, 2021
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