Giving the impression that something is questionable or dishonest; suspicious. This word gained popularity with being the catchphrase in the online multiplayer game among us.
"it's a little sus that he seems to know exactly how to play this game"
''cyan actin' sus''
by XxRealNameHiddenxX November 5, 2020
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A shorter version of the word "suspect". Usually used to define someone or something that looks suspicious or untrustworthy.
Bob: Hey let's ask that guy for directions

Larry: Nah, he looks sus as fuck
by That 1 G September 19, 2016
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I would sneak out earlier but that would be sus yfm?
by BigNoo October 19, 2017
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A short term used by Among Us kids to describe something or someone"suspicious". When someone does something that shows that they are a possible impostor.
Blue: Yo red kinda sus
Red: no u are sus
by TheMasterOfAllHotDefinitions November 3, 2020
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short for suspicious. Can also be used if someone says something vaguely sexual.
by Touchmi There October 23, 2020
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Short for suspicious or suspect. Used when a person or thing is not to be trusted.
Something about my new neighbor is sus. Always a lot of people going in and out of his crib.
by talk2me-JCH2 April 1, 2021
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