to urinate....plain and simple.
"dude, where's your bathroom? I have to Leak Out"
by bk808 November 21, 2006
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To slip out of a party or social situation unnoticed in order to avoid the shame and humiliation of leaving early. (see leaker)
Hey, where did Mike go. He was just here a minute ago. Did he leak out and go home again? What a pussy!
by RV2PHX August 3, 2007
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When you think that something came out of your ass but your not really sure. Usually its a minimal amount of liquid too small to notice a signifigant change of the moistness of your underwear.
Jamal:Hey man I think I just leaked out of my ass
Me: Oh shit was it taco night last night again?
by Joe Saliba July 9, 2006
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