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n. The tightly packed, rabbit pellet like ball of fecal matter that gathers at the bottom of the intestines when a person is constipated. Often difficult and painful to pass.
After eating all that cheese, it took me half an hour just to shit out the hardcap.
by Resedo August 12, 2009
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The hard cap would be the absolute maximum level you can achieve, but usually has diminished returns and is not worth pursuing. The soft cap is often referred to as the level you can get to easily, or throughout the natural progression of an rpg style game. You can usually beat the game by achieving the soft cap level. Elder Scroll games are probably a good example of this.
What level is the hard cap in Skyrim?
by bostoncasey December 16, 2014
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When a male awakes the morning after having sexual intercourse, also known as copulation or coitus, goes to urinate and finds a hard cap of female ejaculation incasing the head of his penis.
Stinky woke up Sunday morning with a really bad hard cap, he told me.
by Stinky Hard Cap January 18, 2009
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