i have celery in my pockets from when i went to vegas.
by big90black August 24, 2008
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commonly used to refer to ketamine or other snorted drugs
spent all my money on that celery last saturday
by potatodoggy October 30, 2019
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Something that ducks like.
Sometimes used for currecny.
Ducks like celery.--
by iruser July 31, 2004
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brought up by T.I.,
Meaning another word for Marijuana.
man can i buy a dime of celery?
by akelly47 April 9, 2009
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water that you have to chew. it costs more calories to eat than you actually receive from eating it.
would you like to drink some celery?

i hate celery, it has no flavor
by Kren1 August 4, 2009
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Someone with a plain personality. Not necessarily boring, but someone with little to say on any matter or someone who never has a suggestion on what to do.
Man, that TL girl is so celery.
by mar marrington August 27, 2010
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