(v) to defecate
(n) excrement
(v) "Mum, you can start dinner without me, I need to bog"
(n) "Who did a bog and didn't flush?"
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An area of sense, highly acidic soil formed from the decay over millions of years of various forests. The source of turf. Were once common in Europe, but are now found mainly in Ireland.
Let's go down to the bog and get some turf.
by Darth Ridley November 7, 2006
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a bog is a slang term on stan twitter that is made for big accounts. it’s a big account that is nice, funny, interacts with others, unproblematic. unlike regular big accounts! they’re nice people and love to make friends.
“wow! did you see @stanaccount3673? they’re so bog!”

“@stanaccount4747 is so nice, they’re such a nice bog!”
by suingyoongi June 30, 2020
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Verb: To engage in purposfully melancholy or pathetic behavior in an effort to attract sympathy

Origin: Coined as an analogy to the peat bog or swamp, in which animals or people somtimes find themselves hopelessly mired.
I'm not going to fall for your pathetic bogging any more, either you snap out of it and cheer up or I'm gone!
by Brad Hoehne January 29, 2004
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