1. The division of the product of a unit's hit points and damage by its attack period
2. The derivative of impact
A rifleman's efficacy turns out to be 7070.
by anonymous July 12, 2004
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When trying to impress with his vocabulary by using the word 'efficacious' rather than 'effective', the man was actually more efficacious at sounding like an ass.
by dgeezy May 12, 2015
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An adjective (descriptive word):

Describing thing, or person, producing, or sure to produce, desired effect.

"Efficaciously" (adverb) describing the behaviour of act in such a manner as to effect the desired effect.
I may help to understand that the Latin root for these words is the same as that for "Efficient".
Asprin is truly "efficacious" for the treatment of headaches.

I've never known a teacher to be so consistent in dealing so "efficaciously" with problem students, as he does.
by Sparticus774 May 27, 2014
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1. when a person believes in their own ability to complete a task.

2. when someone poops themself.
1. Self-efficacy led Stephanie to believe she could make good marks on the exam.

2. Stephanie was unable to finish the exam due to self-efficacy.
by WHUler February 25, 2010
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