From "semi" and "ars", hence any half-arsed discussion.
Monty: Hello Cuthbert, let's go spend peoples money on a pointless seminar to massage our own egos.
Cuthbert: Excellent idea, I'll bring the scones and Giles can make the tea.
by Easy Rider August 27, 2004
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"to impregnate with knowledge". It is actually closely related to the word "semen" and most generally, "seed".

Practically speaking, a seminar is a gathering where people recieve knowledge of some sorts.
Yo, i think im pregnant B. I just went to a seminar.
by FTD May 23, 2005
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it's like a lecture in the sense that it's someone you can't stand, talking about a subject you don't give a fuck about. But this time you're supposed to participate and know what the point of it was at the end.
Alright students, in this seminar you're gonna learn how to turn this thing you've never though of into this product you don't care about. I'd like a full professional presentation by the end, including chemical formulas and industrial machines you'd use.
by Minesweeperplayer May 25, 2023
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A class taken by a group of overachievers, aiming to wow colleges by taking a unique class that's supposed to teach them to do college research papers. Upon applying for the class, students often have no idea of what to expect, but are calmed by the idea that they soon will. It's only until the day before the actual AP exam that students realize they still haven't figured out what the class is all about. Yet, when others ask them what the class is all about they are known to recite the exact description published by Collegeboard word for word. And while students often complain about the overwhelming workload, they are secretly comforted by the fact that it's their easiest AP and refuse to let the outside world uncover their darkest secret. The typical AP Seminar student is known for their deep desire to write and publish their own review book on the class in order to profit off the class before opponents such as Barrons or the Princeton Review can.
AP Seminar student applying for course: I have no idea what this course is all about
AP Seminar student day before AP exam: I have no idea what this course is all about

Non-seminar student: "What do you guys even do in AP Seminar?

AP Seminar student: "Oh, we learn really in depth college level research skills and learn to write Master level research papers. The class is all about argument..."
by ap capstoner May 13, 2015
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A shouting match between a conglomeration of tryhard honor students. Usually the bout is over some particular novel or literary work and is characterized by two or three straight-A students yelling the most and loudest, while the others simply nod and parrot what is said.
During the socratic seminar, all the other students wanted to punch that one girl who would never shut the hell up.
by Scottz0rz July 8, 2013
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Of or pertaining to a phenomenon that often occurs in the minds of mentally challenged individuals that causes them to fabricate meaningless terms (usually sexual in nature.) These non existent terms have no meaning and are often inserted in casual conversation by the challenged individual in an attempt to fit into uncomfortable social situations where they often have little or no intelligence to contribute.
I work with a guy who needs to get on medication for his Awkward Seminar, he always says the most meaningless stuff and nobody knows what he is talking about.
by Rack 33 September 21, 2009
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Torture for the quiet kids. Forces them to speak to get a good grade. Usually run by the big nerds that keep on talking all the time and other kids "agreeing" to everything they say.
Girl 1: "Hey did you hear that we will have a Socratic Seminar next week?"
Quiet kid: "Really? I don't know shit?" *Opens backpack*
by digbickkid November 22, 2019
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