im·be·cil·ic (mb-slk)
1. Stupid; silly.
2. Well below par in mental acumen.
by NuroMusic November 4, 2013
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1. An idiotic or dumb person.
synonyms: moron, dim-witted, asinine, idiot

1. Describing something that is idiotic.
Person A: "Hey, how do you open this door?"

Person B: "The sign clearly says it's locked you imbecile."
by TheBlackWeeaboo July 9, 2016
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Intelligence Quotient Scale:

Moron = 50-69

Imbecile = 30-49

Idiot = 29 & below
Hey, you see that idiot over there? Why are you acting like him? You know you're smarter than him, you imbecile.
by Chris November 1, 2004
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From Latin root meaning feeble-minded of weak and/or insufficient mental capabilities. See example:
Wiggers are such complete frightful imbeciles.
Where do they come from?
From the MTV board of shape shifters...
by destouches December 8, 2004
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Someone who posts the name of people only they know on urbandictionary.
"Im gonna make a definition about some guy I know even though nobody knows or cares.. God, I'm an imbecile"
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a human version of a noisy empty can. In other words:
talks much and knows nothing. yea
a group of students of 18 yrs and above talking crap about someone they don't know and they're all in kindergarten. They've got bodies of humans, mouths like machine guns and brains of butterflies, God they're imbeciles. hey wait, even butterflies are smarter than these guys!
by don't ask you imbecile February 4, 2008
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(n). The act of undertaking the most bullheaded and, for lack of a better term, stupid and/or childish/reckless action without the benefit chemical enhancement (i.e. drunkenness, intoxication by any means, or taking part in a Triple Dog Dare).

Synonymous with: Public stupidity, blatant idiocy, conscious neglect of personal integrity.
A horrendous act of imbecility will not be tolerated
by B. N. Goobrius January 10, 2015
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