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Technically, an American is someone from the Americas - i.e. North or South America. However, it is so commonly referring to people from the USA that we'll just ignore that point for now.

An American is someone who lives in the USA. Not all americans are overweight, ignorant pricks with an addiction to burgers and flag waving. Some of them are actually friendly, intelligent people!

Remember, kids: just because meet or hear one person from a certain place doesn't mean that everyone from there is like it. Oh, and did I mention that the actions of the US government don't ALWAYS speak unanimously for every last citizen of the USA? Just wanted to clear that up.

They do think some wierd things, though.. They call football soccer, American football football, aluminium aloominum, jam jelly and so on. But belittling them for differences like that would be a bit petty of me, wouldn't it?
While playing a game, I once met an American who was a mindless, stereotyping, bigoted, ignorant prick. But did that make me hate all Americans? Well, yes. But eventually I got over it. I would like to find that guy and cave his skull in, though..
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A type of animation originating from Japan. Can be characterised by oversized eyes, spikey, outlandishly coloured hair, and so on. Even without these things, the style of Anime is easily distinguishable from the inferior western cartoons. All inferior, apart from Futurama, which rocks. But the rest of the stuff we make is crap compared to Anime.

Anime is usually bursting with Japanese culture, including Japanese backdrops, Japanese food, Japanese attitudes, etc. We are most familiar with anime for children like Pokemon. But the really good stuff has adult content like violence and nudity. This type of anime isn't really comparable to any western cartoons.

Anime seems to have many consistent elements between shows - such as cats. People with cat ears seem to be very common in Anime aswell, for some reason. Also, even if you find the type of Anime which focuses on relationships between characters, chances are it still involves magic powers, people becoming robots and things of that nature.
"ok so first of all my head would have to be a little bean with real big eyes get rid of my thumbs make me all shiny, and my boots would be a whole lot cooler, like robot boots. And i'd have blue hair... you've gotta have blue hair."

Strong Bad on what he would be like as an Anime character
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N. A very common and largely ignored affliction. Approximately 97% of all people suffer from it. They can be split into two fairly equal halves: Democrats and Republicans.
"Stupidity rules this world by sheer force of numbers"
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1) When a single institution becomes so powerful, that it has total control over a certain commodity, service or industry. This can't actually exist, because it can't ever be truly 100%. At least, not until we live in a futurisitic dystopia where the government/corporations/intelligent computers/big-headed aliens use mind control, rayguns and/or the Matrix to enforce control.

An example of an "Almost-monopoly" is Microsoft, who many people say have a monopoly of the Desktop PC Operating System market. This isn't true, as a small percentage of people use Macs or Linux PC's. Hell, you can even use FreeBSD as a desktop system.

2) A family game where people play shoes, irons and cowboy hats masquerading as CEO's vying for economic world domination. Based largely on luck, but skill/know-how can also be used, as is proved by a sad person I know who spent his young life getting good at the game so that, for once, he would be better than others at something. Usually, however, the game degenerates into petty fights and shouting matches.
1) Communism is total monopoly by the government.

2) (Simpsons quote):
Lou- Another case of Monopoly related violence, chief.
Wiggum- How
do those Parker brothers sleep at night?
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1. Nonsense; Gibberish. Something that's unintellible, incomprehensible or makes no sense, often made so to confuse.

2. A lie propagated by superstition or deception.
Bloody explorers, ponce off to Mumbo Jumbo land, come home with a tropical disease, a suntan and a bag of brown lumpy things, and Bob's your uncle, everyone's got a picture of them in lavatory.

- Edmund Blackadder
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The quality or condition of judging someone or a group of people before you meet them, usually using stereotypes.
"The secret is to say that you're prejudiced against all rascists"

- Homer Simpson
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