when something is absolutely insane, or just down right gnar.
That barrel was straight up mental
by Jote September 29, 2005
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An adjective used to describe something pertaining to brain activity that is now used by gen z as a noun.
"I have been practicing a lot so I just need to work on my mental."
"We just need to make sure our mental is strong."
by _(N0S)_ May 13, 2019
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meaning someone who is silly or stupid, usually for attention and in a random or sporadic way, involving nonsensical references and actions. usually violent or quick action involved, resulting in general amusement and hilarity of onlookers.
"hey look, archie's jumping off that cliff while holding a banana!"

"wow! he's mental!"
by arto October 12, 2005
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mentally-challenged; retarded; needs psychologic help
that dude's mental because he fucked his own sister.
by mentallyyyy May 18, 2003
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stupid, dumb, idiotic (from mentally retarded, derogatory)
That kid is so mental. He makes Homer Simpson look smart.
by Light Joker January 13, 2006
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Used by neds, well-respected, cool. See also sound
by He who shall not be named July 15, 2003
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To power your way through a difficult situation by sheer strength of mind and bull-headedness.
When you're in deep doo-doo, you've just gotta mental your way through it.
by Nome de plume May 7, 2008
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