horrible and atrocious, or any other "bad" word ending in -ous
his singing was so horrendous people demanded their money back.
by conneca September 20, 2003
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A mix between Horrendous and Horrible because Hereinous just doesn't sound right.
Kristi: Thats Horrendible!
by Misa Rose November 4, 2008
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An abbreviation of the word horrendous, horrend was coined in early 2009 and is used to describe disapproval, disgust and downright dreadful behavior or state of being.

It can be used both as a noun and as an adjective.
He is a horrend for what he did.
She is wearing such horrend shoes.
by Gloriology November 18, 2010
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Someone who is so freakin ugly and annoying you can’t even stand them. They can be just sitting there and looking like a bag of shit which makes them so ugly you can’t even take it. Horrend is also used when you want to sound more educated instead of just saying “you’re fucking ugly”
This nigga looks fucking horrend eating his big ass burrito
by bigtittytyra June 13, 2019
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a collective noun for a group of two or more ugly girls.
There is no one at this place but guys and a horrendous of girls in that corner
by NotoriousBGP December 4, 2010
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sykkuno is sexc so he makes words
sykkuno, playing tricky towers: this is absolutely HORRENDICAL
by yuno sykk August 19, 2021
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