It is the ultimate dare. It's for when a person rejects a regular dare, AND a double dog dare. It is a dare that you HAVE to do under any circumstances. If you don't do it you look like a weakling or a chicken.
I triple dog dared her to run around the house completely naked. She chickened out and to this day we don't let her live it down.
by DemonVampire180 October 18, 2010
A unique sexual position that includes the elements of love, intense penetration and quantum love.
So I met this incredibly brilliant blonde with a crazy body and I am going to triple dog dare that girl.
by California Blondage October 1, 2017
A way to get stupid people to do what ever you want.
Me: "I want you to go clean out my toilet after that massive shit I just took."
person: "No, I'm not doing that."
Me: "I triple dog dare you."
person: "Deal!"
by Dubiks December 7, 2018
Note: The infamous Triple-dog-dare is infamous for the sole reason that you cannot back down from it--without exception! An issued triple-dog-dare has no counteraction and must be implemented and/or carried out.
by Rachael the Great September 30, 2004
The superlative dare; Can only be used to counter a double-dare.
Rodney: I dare you to watch C-Span for two consecutive hours!

Basil: Well, I double-dare you to watch C-Span for two consecutive hours!

Rodney: Well, I triple-dog-dare you to watch C-Span for two consecutive hours!
by Rodney Basil November 3, 2003
when someone double dog triple dares you to do something, you have to do it no matter what
ryan: I double dog triple dare you to ask her out
wills: dang it ryan, now I HAVE to ask her out no matter what
by princessesga November 23, 2020