when you or that one guy is gonna.....
that one guy: "Im gonna....."
literally everyone in a 75 metre radius: *jolts back and the speed of light*
by NotaFortniteSpedkid February 17, 2021
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Twice's Im Nayeon's favorite song of twice
Friend: Hey I think Im gonna be a star is annoying.
Nayeon: True
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IT is at a state where you've been butt fucking LIVVY or some hot person but you better take your Willie dillie out before your melted ice cream cums out and making your girl prego and lose half your money.
GF- make sure you take your ding dong out of me "MOANS" before you cum
BF- ok here it cums
GF- when is it gonna cum out

MOM walks in

room floods with cum

Mom- omg your like a muslim your explosive

Dad- drowning "in cum"
GF- its in my booty hole

BFF walks in
BFF- drinks all the cum

DAD- dead

LIL sis thats 19-again!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAD as white as a ghost bc of cum
BF sees mom again

cum floods the whole house again

Grandma walks in

And drinks all the cum and out of the boy and girl and house

Grandma- that takes me back to the good ole days with me and grandpa last night.
Im gonna CUM
by DomiDICKs March 23, 2023
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meaning that a person is really going to fight someone and fuck them up really bad.
fuck that skace fag rafeal im gonna ride on this bitch when i see him slippen.
by Nigde & J-Citty May 30, 2005
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