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It's one of the great unsung delights of living as the male of the species.
It is marvellous to eat pussy when it's all spic and span (relatively uncontamineded by previous users).
by Destouches November 29, 2004

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Originally British usage was only meant when describing any dark skinned person either of African or Indo-Asian descent. It was more along the lines of the "negro" and such. THe modern Australian usage differs considerably as to include the Meditteranean races, including the non-European Turkish, Lebanese and Israeli Jews.
Wogs are peculiar to the Land of Oz alone.
by Destouches November 29, 2004

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From Latin root meaning feeble-minded of weak and/or insufficient mental capabilities. See example:
Wiggers are such complete frightful imbeciles.
Where do they come from?
From the MTV board of shape shifters...
by destouches December 07, 2004

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A rabid, extremely belligerent follower of the Bush-Blair doctrine of militant Zionism. Based on the analogy of the nottorious Jewish Bolsheviks which ruled the former Soviet Union with iron fist leaving an estimated 60 million of innocent corpses.
Whom are the mad Busheviks gonna attack next?
I think it's a toss between Syrian and Iran.
Can anybody stop these lunatics?
Well, not until you control at least one non-zionist radio or TV station!
by Destouches February 16, 2005

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The actual president of the United States of Amerikwa. Noted for his brutality and boundless arrogance.
But we can't quite start the war against Iran! We had already spent gazillion of dollars bringing the pornocracy to Iraq!
Shut up, you moron! It us, the Jews who own America, so what's you gonna do? Tickle my balls? (LOL)
by Destouches February 10, 2005

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The famous 18 th century philosopher. To describe his moral philosophy he used this brillant metaphor: "The moral law within and the starry sky above."
Despite massive intelligence, Immanuel Kant had never marriedn and had allegedly remained a virgin until his final hour. He also didn't like pictorial arts and had a pretty dubious taste in music. Instead of the German classical music giants, Kant preferred the municipal brass band playing free, open-air concerts in his native city of Konigsberg (Kaliningrad in Russian).
I'm so sorry. It's not that sort of kant...
Never mind. Read David Hume instead!
by Destouches February 10, 2005

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Nickname for the funniest football (soccer in imbecile lingo) player ever. A Brit with a heart of gold and sense of humor that will outlive several generations of football fans worldwide.
At birth they named him Paul Gascoigne, but everyone calls him Gazza.
When asked by a nurse what his nationality was before an operation, Gazza replied: "Church Of England."
by Destouches February 10, 2005

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