a stupid term that is used by mcdonalds, supposably stolen from viagra. mcdonalds has obvuiosly made a mistke in spelling it. fitst they shoulve pu it "i am loving it" then they mispelled it horribly, in which the real prase should be "ailing vomit."
mcdonalds is starting to realize that people are obviosly hating their food, so they put more chemicals in it.
hey guys! we know that paople hate our food, so we shall change the slogan to "the only way to get rid of this food, is to eat it."
by Afronight October 12, 2004
Upbeat exclamation of personal well being or good circumstance. As in the McDonalds advert featuring Justin Trousersnake.
"Hey how's that coctail?"
"Do do dum do do.... I'm loving it"
by Badboy October 30, 2003
meaning- "let me waste your time for a couple months
H- "I'm in love with you"
by TheotherpersonnamedKokuisgay October 10, 2018
A song written by Roger Taylor from queen.Who locked himself up in a cupboard until his song about having sex with cars
Is allowed
John:it's a bit weird Roger what exactly are you doing with that car
Brian:I'm in love with my car?
by MiniJohnDeacon January 18, 2022
Its when one partner is a little scared to admit all the way that they're in love. So they confess to their partner their love, but with a little uncertainty. This way they show that they're still to scared to let their guard ALL the way down.
"Dammit , . . .uhm . . Okay , I THINK I'm in love with you , but I don't know yet .
by suckmyPEACE. November 11, 2010
People go threw years of this knowing you may or may have not been better off, with or with out love. What someone says when there is nothing left to say but that in itself. You see them again, after years pass and have every oppertunity to tell this person. In shame do not and hurt even worse over time when you see something they wrote. Never knew existed until now and cannot help but remember the sound of thier voice on the other end of the phone encouraging you for better every day. Even knowing all the wrongs in the past exist "both ways," you dig deep and publicly humiliate yourself to the entire web!
When your in love with someone you will go threw nights of ridicule, hell, scorne, without them just to see them happy. Hate, own, pwn, idc, I'm still in love with you. I Just wanted better for you than what was happening then. When you want that person to be absolutely sure that is what they realy feel when you know that one person you would love for the rest of your life with no questrion. You wait. It is all you can do! Just wanted to tell you I am still in love with you, wrong or right. I hopw you have found happieness in your life, for I am lost without you.
by ???wrpdN??/puzz??dogoodthngs November 10, 2009