Apart of the band Queen
Sexist drummer alive
Babe magnetic
Bowed down to by musicians everywhere
me: did you listen to that Roger Taylor drum solo
friend: no
me: get out of my house
by CearaMist October 8, 2012
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Drummer and one of the singers of Queen.

A certified sex symbol.

Has possibly the highest amount of groupies throughout the history of time.

Also his high notes are ridiculous.
friend: i want to fuck roger taylor.

me: girl me too, tf?
by slut4rog January 6, 2019
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drummer in the band Queen. he is seriously a great drummer. he also vocalized in the band, with an unbelievable falsetto. if you happen to give “i’m in love with my car” a listen (which you really should) he is the singer. and that song is a mega bop so you really should play it while you are all alone in your room procrastinating from your lab biology quiz that’s tomorrow. anyways, not only is he a legendary musician, singer and car lover, he is also fucking hot. he is a true sex icon and trust me, if i was a 20 y/o in the 80’s, i’d hop on that asap and become one of his groupies. seriously. fun fact, he accidentally sent his sex tape to a fan instead of a demo. that is SUCH a mood. and before you ask where the footage is, i have no clue. don’t ask why i know that it went missing in action. anyway, he is just so unbelievably sexy. have you seen the video of him getting a massage on the rooftop of a budapest hotel? if not, watch it with the volume on. you’re welcome. also, he looks VERY well for his age (which is 69 at the moment ;) ). his middle name is meddows, and yes, that is the coolest name to ever surface the planet. overall, Roger Meddows Taylor is my favorite person on earth and nothing can or will ever change that. if you want random Roger facts, just hml and i will give them to you. thanks for giving this a read.
i want to be surgically implanted into Roger Taylor’s torso, so i’ll always be with him. give me your DNA so i can clone you, Roger.
by burrlieveinyourself January 8, 2019
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The best drummer ever, singer, and an absolute legend. Drummer of Queen, the most amazing band ever. Sex icon, beautiful smile, BTW before Queen became Queen his band was called Smile and he was with Brian May and Tim Staffell. Looks like Santa Clause at his age (70). Fun facts: he threatened to lock himself in a cupboard until Freddie said his song I’m In Love With My Car could be on the b side of their album A Night At The Opera, he accidentally sent a sex tape to one of his fans instead of the demo for Breakthru, he looks prettier than me and I’m a girl in his appearance in I Want To Break Free. Okay thanks for reading and I hope he knows I would die for him.
Me: Do you like Roger Taylor??

Friend: No...

by David Bowie's wh0re 🥄🧂 December 7, 2019
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he is also the drummer for queen but who cares
Guy 1: hey did you see the song My Fairy King
Guy 2: bruh you're an old grandpa but ok
Guy 1: a famous quote from Roger Taylor is on there
Guy 2: what is the quote
by 9.5.1946 was cool September 26, 2020
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A cute smol bean who Used to look like a kid but now looks like a emo santa clause and is also one of the best ( if not the best ) drummer in the world
Roger taylor is a smoll bean who is emo santaclause
by Broadway boomer April 11, 2020
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Undoubtedly the hottest man alive, from his sexy ass voice to his flasetto he makes every girls panties drop.
Have you seen Roger Taylor on the street? no? Fuck off then.
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