a term used in cricket, appealing to the umpire, for a wicket
how's that said the fielders
by ROBERT SAVAGE June 13, 2006
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An interjection indicating approval, congratulations, or gratitude. Common especially in Laurentian mountains of Quebec, Canada.
James: Hey Rodney, how did your water test go?
Rodney: I passed! I got my third in Campcraft!
James: How-how!
by Chad_Reiss February 11, 2006
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"How no?" is a Scotticism for "Why not?"
Person A: We canna do that!
Person B: How no?
by bizzare_scot May 08, 2014
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Similar to "How are you", this phrase is often used at the beginning of IM conversations to inquire about the health of a friend.
IM 1: Hey...
IM 2: Hey, how be?
IM 1: I'm good, you?
by Jodie Wood October 09, 2007
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An expression of agreement. Can be used in place of 'indeed.' Can also be used sarcastically to get someone to stop fucking talking to you about frivolous things.

syn: you said it.
Rhonda: Juan, it's pretty cold outside today.
Juan: And how!

Erin: ...so I told her to shut the hell up because she was being a whore. I mean who tries anal with her boyfriend and then tells the entire cheer squad about it? I swear, Kelly is so totally gay...
Franklin (clearly annoyed): AND HOW!
by Skivvy March 24, 2004
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