Acronym for "I don't care." Extremely bitchy because it implies that the person doesn't even care enough to type three words.
Girl: How do you like my new nail polish?
Boy: idc
Girl: oh you bitch
by skrillymau5 September 16, 2011
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Idc means I don't care. It is alike idk but they have two very different meanings. Actually, somebody could say idk and idc which is common also.
Jess: You're being very rude
Kate: Idc
Mom: You haven't done ur homework
Lily: idc
Amy: Who is that shady girl?
Melissa: Idk and idc
by idk_definitions May 17, 2018
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Lisa: Girl, he's telling everyone you <3 to suck dick. He said you take it in the back door!
Kelly: IDC I do, He must be thinking about it to talk so much. I'm not getting pregnant. Besides, Do what your good at. My boyfriend never complains about it.
Rina: HE said you were a one night stand
Kelly: IDC

Lisa: He said your a whore.
Kelly: Takes one... doesn't it? I'm content with who I am. Can we talk about something else now?
Rina: But he said...
Kelly: IDC really I don't. I've g2g let his atobitons know the more he hates the more hurt he looks!
by Picies((((<<<fsh} December 09, 2009
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