When you can't touch one of the two sets of colors of tiles (for example, black and white).
Seyithan: Oh man, I can only walk on the white tiles 'cause the black tiles are hot lava.
by Serhan August 18, 2006
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Some rumbling and stomach pain leads to extremely explosive diarrhea that burns as it exits the rectum and comes out so forcefully that it splashes off the toilet water and back onto your ass.
Man, I shouldn't have had those 9-1-1 hot wings. I barely made it home before I expelled some potent hot lava.
by max nova July 3, 2009
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Slang for semen- the milk like fluid that erupts from a man's knob when ejaculation occurs

see.. Peter North
John- Aaahhh, damn Joan, that pussy is tight as fuck. Just a few more thrusts and I am going to cum!

Joan- Perfect John pull out and pump your Hot Lava all over my tits and face.
by pwild June 21, 2006
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Stay off the floor. Climb around on the furniture, step on the cat if you have to, just don't touch the goddam floor!
by nat s. February 8, 2008
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Someone who excels at everything. The best. Taken from the common childrens game wherein you jump around trying not to touch the ground (hot lava).
Damn...marshal just kicked chuck norris ass. He is the king of hot lava
by nulerasi1 December 5, 2010
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What comes out of your ass after a night of drinking.
Dude, if I fart I think flaming hot liquid lava might seep out of my ass.
by Nish November 26, 2015
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