the best food on thw whole damn planet. Its Deep fried chickeny goodness, and mouth melting spice that just makes it the greatest.
1: Dude, Im hungry. Lets go get some hotwings.
by The BIG Nasty November 10, 2004
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when you go down on a woman during her time of the month. by the time you're done, your face looks like you were eating a plate of hot wings.
guy 1: so dude, i had some hot wings with karen last night.
guy 2:'re fucking disgusting man. *walks away*
by Chaaaaaaaaarles November 19, 2008
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A humorous sexual prank played on a female in which the perpetrator covers his/her fingers in a spicy flavoring or sauce and proceeds to digitally stimulate the labia of the victim, typically resulting in a whole lot of burning, screaming, and laughs.
Dietrich could hardly resist giving his girlfriend Deedra Hot Wings whenever he ate Flaming Hot Cheetos. The tears and screams that erupted from her always brought him to histerics.
by OGJB85 November 19, 2008
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1. The act of giving a hand job using Vicks or Icy Hot for a lubricant.
"What's wrong with you?"
"My girl gave me a hot wing last night, and I'm still feeling it!"
by Bricksgirl June 27, 2014
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when a man has sexual intercourse with a female and the penis helps start the females period and covers his penis in period blood and makes it resemble a hot wing in buffolo sauce.
Sabrina didnt take her birth control for two days, she then went to have sex with her friends with benefit Adam when he pulled out he had been hot winged.
by Sabrina Moubarak January 14, 2012
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Sexual Act: Stimulating the penis by placing it in the crease of the elbow, folding your arm and flapping up and down in a chicken wing motion.
This party is lame, do you just want a hot wing in the bathroom and then leave?
I've got spunk crusted into my arm hairs from giving Kevin a hot wing earlier.
by Hot Smurf September 3, 2016
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