Adj. Used to express acute negative feeling.
I wish I wasn't so Goddam useless.
by beteo January 26, 2004
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The improper way of spelling goddamn, which is slang for god damn.
A: this is so uncool, goddam!
B: umm, did god build a beaver dam or something?
A: no, I mean the word.. dam! you know
B: you're spelling it wrong!
by POQbum May 14, 2012
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a pair of short shorts that fit perfectly right, the shorts fit so perfect the only comment you hear is goddamn.
There are going to be alot of hot guys at the beach so I am gonna wear my goddams
by Missy Melons November 9, 2011
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To Be Shielded By God From A Flood Of Bullshit, Pain, Suffering, Hardship, Bad Vibes, Or Haters.
@Dregg_Goddam is my goddam. He makes me laugh, even though my bills are due and I'm dead broke.
by Dregg Goddam July 17, 2017
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An individual who is the supreme, undisputed master of something, someone, someplace or just everything.
What are you, dense? Are you retarded or something? Do you know who I am? I'm the goddam Batman!
by Zombie Matt August 22, 2006
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If the goddam Batman feels like driving the goddam batmobile and having a can of the goddam anti-shark bat-spray-can in the goddam batcopter, he'll have one. Goddam it.
by Calvin Goddam Luther September 29, 2009
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adv. or adj.

A word used by dr evil to describe a situation that was so stupid and made so little sense, that it was just BEYOND ridiculous...

"okay, now that's just ri-goddam-diculous!"
by OsirisFrost November 18, 2005
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