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Pronounced do-vorsed. It is when you spent so long playing dc universe online that your wife divroced you. Sometimes the person dosnt even know that they have been divorced yet because they are too busyplaying.
1- what ever happened to dave and christy I don't see them around anymore.

2-well ever since DCUO came out dave has stopped working and showering and christy couldn't stand to live with him anymore. They got dcuovorced last week and dave still dosnt know.
by nulerasi1 January 23, 2011
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When you take a bad shot from a punch, kick, or other such painful hit near the nutsack but not on it directly.
*paintball hits Eddie on the inner thigh

Eddie - damn that hurt like hell but it missed.
Mike - wow that was a lucky nutbag
by nulerasi1 January 05, 2011
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The hair of a person after they take off a turbin or other middle eastern headgear. Like hat hair but bigger and thicker.
Hakeem, have you seen Achmeds afghanifro?

Yeah it was ugly when he took that towel off.
by nulerasi1 January 05, 2011
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1) A warm place in the winter and a cool place in the summer. A pleasant place to visit every now and then if not for the odd smell

2) French for butthole.
Lance hung out at le cave last night. Now he needs a shower.
by nulerasi1 December 05, 2010
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Someone who excels at everything. The best. Taken from the common childrens game wherein you jump around trying not to touch the ground (hot lava).
Damn...marshal just kicked chuck norris ass. He is the king of hot lava
by nulerasi1 December 05, 2010
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