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Joan is a stylish, fun, beautiful, sexy woman with a gorgeous, killer smile. Witty and sharp-tongued when necessary, Joan has a strong character and is extremely charming. She possesses many talents and is culturally aware. Men love Joan. Sure, she's broken a few hearts, but she does so with grace. Joan is widely adored and has many loyal and awesome female friends, however, dumb, bitchy girls tend to seethe with jealousy in her presence or at the very mention of her name, even if they've never met Joan. Men denied by her have also been known to become catty and a little psycho. (See unfavorable definitions for "Joan")
"When I grow up, I want to be Joan!"

"Look at Joan, she's always the most stylish woman in the room. And she's smart and sweet, too!"

"Joan is so awesome, you almost want to hate her, but she's just too darned charming!"

"Oh, that Joan!"

"There's something wrong with you if you don't like Joan!"
by wittier than you February 04, 2010
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lil mad is like big mad but the opposite, you mad but not mad to the extent of pullin somthin
"look im sorry i ate your food"
"is cool im just lil mad"
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Joan is a very sporty and outgoing person. She dreams big and won't stop fighting until she reaches her goals. She is a beautiful intellectual and everyone should take example from her. Sometimes she pushes herself but it always pays off for a Joan.
Person 1: That girl is so fast!
Person 2: She's Joan, she achieves just about everything she sets her mind to
Person 1: Joan is soooo cool
by Eep_29 February 07, 2018
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Joan is a gourgess young woman. She likes to accomplish her goals. She smiles a lot because she doesn’t want to have people worry about her. She’s sweet and has a hint of mean in her. You wouldn’t want to mess with her. She’s loyal. She won’t ever cry no if you break her heart because she knows she gave it her all and she can do better,besides she wouldn’t like to waist her time with you. It’s hard for her to be mean to people cause she feels bad easily. She’s not a cold hearted bitch. If she cares she’ll show you she cares. If she says she loves you she means it. There’s always people trying to bring her down but it doesn’t work. She had times when she cries to herself cause she’s tired of holding things in. She refuses to show people her weak side. Yet she doesn’t mind crying in front of you if she has to. She takes time to trust you.
Person:how does she do that?
Me:that’s Joan for you♥️
by Yourgirl15 February 12, 2019
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HE is the greatest person I have ever met. He will always have your back, no matter what he will fight for you. He is loyal to the ones he loves. He is smexy asf. He has the BEST sense of humor, making you laugh in times of hardship. He always expects the best of you and gets mad when u don’t deliver what is expected. He makes everyday brighter and better, without him my days would be dark and full of sorrow. If u find a Joan. NEVER let him go.
Her: have u met my boo Joan?
Friend: ofc I have he’s the shit 💕
by Kiara-Martin June 10, 2019
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She is a beautiful black girl, short natural hair and wears yellow a lot. She has a big mid set , she is very funny but hates taking pictures
Oh look at that Joan 😱
by Red fox 102 April 13, 2019
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