7 definitions by nat s.

Stay off the floor. Climb around on the furniture, step on the cat if you have to, just don't touch the goddam floor!
by nat s. February 8, 2008
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Seven of Nine is the only reason most of us watched Star Trek: Voyager.
by nat s. March 18, 2008
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The easiest AP class ever.

If you thought APUSH was hard, either
A. You fail at managing your time and resources,
B. You are a total pussy, or
C. You ride the short bus.
APUSH is a breeze. Anyone who says otherwise is a failure at life.
by nat s. March 18, 2008
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1. Japanese word for "pretty boy". Very feminine.
2. Weeaboo word for "gay emasculated fuck".
Bishounen are considered the Japanese ideal of beauty.

Young girls are often attracted to bishounen because they resemble them, and are less threatening than masculine men.

I hate bishounen.
by nat s. March 18, 2008
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A synonym for plagiarism.

See also: disrespect, creative rape, theft of intellectual property.
Fanfiction is taking an author/creator's work, building on it, twisting it, and distorting it so that the creator's vision is no longer recognizable, without even asking the creator's permission or taking his attitude toward his work into account.

Any fanficcer who claims to have an ounce of integrity is lying to you and to himself.
by nat s. March 19, 2008
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Cleavage that can be seen from beneath a woman's top (or the strip of fabric that passes for it).
Undercleavage is nice and all, but you almost have to wonder how her boobs don't slip out of her top...
by nat s. August 27, 2008
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The thing that comes out of your ass at the most inconvenient of times and places.
Lo! mine asshole hath opened up! Look how a fiery torrent of shit doth rain forth from it! 'Twas a shameful mistake to have eaten beans the other night!
by nat s. March 18, 2008
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