Popularized by american high schoolers of the early to mid 90s. This term was and is still used to show contrasts between something being just OK and awesome. The phrase is often used to describe a person, place, event or thing. For example,
Dude 1: Have you seen the new lambo?

Dude 2: Aw yeah, that car is tight as fuck!

Another scenario, could be:

Boy 1: Man... have you seen the new exchange student?! The little Asian chick from Korea

Boy 2: Dawg, I bet she's tight as fuck...
by dEVin80 November 30, 2020
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Sweet, awesome, tight pussy, often abbreveated with TF. dicovered by two amazing people i do and do not wish to tell u the names of
ex.1)Dude thats a tight fuck. Dude thats tight as fuck.
by bossnisity August 31, 2007
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