someone who is inconsistant in there attitude, and personality towards others. they can be nice on minute, and a complete jerk the next.
Zack is so hot and cold.
by letsjustsay... July 13, 2008
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hesitant; wavering between two things or opinions.
He cannot decide at once. He is so hot-and-cold.
by uttam maharjan July 27, 2011
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Somehow means you will get beat up...although I'm not sure if that's when it's hot or when it's cold.
Thugs approach you and start a harmless conversation. Then one asks the others "Is it hot or cold". I don't remember what the answer was, but next thing I knew I got my face punched and they all ran away.
by dpc453 August 11, 2006
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where a girl sucks a dick with a tongue ring first eating or drinking something hot, sucking it. then drinking or eating something cold and sucking it
girl consumes and ice cube, this is the cold part of the hot and cold, and it melts all the way she sucks the dick then eats some thing hot and sucks it again
by cozzmogirl December 1, 2010
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When something or someone is liked then disliked, or alternating frequently on status of opinion.
damn, she treat me so hot n cold.
by Frat house BEA November 9, 2008
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-(noun)-definition: a girl who is into a guy one day, completely un-into him the next. She is in the phase of her life where she believes that "im young, i want to do what i want when i want it", and any guy will end up slowing her down... however, she does have a soft side, which occasionally wants to cuddle, causing her to make an emotional attachement and stab it in the stomach the next.
oh, you mean that girl? I wouldnt mess with her, she's a hot and cold girl... u kno!
by Ash_from_da_creek December 12, 2006
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