Most typically used on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Somehow is a word that is typically used to describe something, or someone in a negative way. The word can also be used as a synonym to describe something or someone who’s being “weird” or “unusual”.
Rez KidFok man, I tried to snag her but she was acting all somehow”
Rez Kid 2 “Not eve ‘dis guy.”

Rez Uncle “Nephew, come help me with my car. It’s been acting all somehow lately”
by Desmond Culler May 25, 2022
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I miss the days that I felt your words were mine,
When the distance between us, was nothing but time

I never stop longing to see your eyes shine
Especially as they linger.. when they meet mine

Something felt missing from those early days..

When I could smile openly at your diamond gaze
The chance of even seeing you made my heart pound
Now I'm lucky just to see you around..

There are so many words I want to set free..
Things I want to teach you.. world's I want you to see

There's barely distance between us.. you should be lying here, with me..
My heart has never held on like this.. because, we.. are meant to be
I know.. I'm difficult
It all is..

But if, somehow, my intuition is right..

Remember.. I love you J.
Since the second we met, every moment since.. every one to come

Fuck everything else

I love YOU

by 4_u September 20, 2023
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Someway, anyhow
She’s incapable of being good at languages somehow, so that means she needs aid.
by Hijeffram August 20, 2017
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