A very long time.
yo I haven't seen you in a minute!
by NicKay March 16, 2003
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used when talking about a period of time much longer than an actual minute. sometimes also called "an ill minute" or "a hot minute".
"Yo i haven't seen you in a minute"
"Man, I been waitin here for an ill minute"
by La La December 30, 2004
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I haven't done that shit in a minute nigga.
by Jdogg03 October 20, 2003
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it does not mean 60 seconds when used in slang terms. Usually means a long time, from a week to a few months, maybe even a year.
"I Haven't seen you for a minute dawg, how ya been?"
by syked March 17, 2004
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a length of time...usually longer than a minute.

"a little while"
by Basic November 11, 2002
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Term used talk about a long amount of time concieved by people who are or have ever been high because a minute seems like an eternity when you are not sober.
Guy 1: man i haven't seen you for months... How have you been college boy?

Guy 2: yeah it has been a minute, i'm good yo, just got my pee pee wet
by qwertyqwert2 June 11, 2010
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