don't fuck with ice cube
by Dagon January 11, 2005
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One of the greatest Mc's of all time. I dont know what you fuckers are talkin about. You think you're funny with your little acting jokes, but the truth is, if his acting were half as good as his mic skills, he'd be winnin Oscars. I think it's hilarious that a buncha kids who are probably white cyber geeks are commenting on how 'soft' Ice Cube is. He may not have been shot nine times like your gay ass pop rapper 50 Cent, but at least Ice Cube can rap. 50 Cent and all those muthafuckas that just came on the scene suck cock. Ice Cube started this gangsta shit, and this the muthafuckin thanks he gets?
Ice Cube is the hardest mofo out there, dumbasses.
by Jam Master J May 4, 2005
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The best damn rapper, rapped with N.W.A. went solo.
Yo man, ima bust some Ice Cube outta my Alpine!
by Chika ching September 7, 2003
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" i used to be lyrical, political...but now you want it sugar coated like cereal " - ice cube
by tha truth teller July 21, 2006
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It's just a cold cube of frozen water; It's made in your freezer, or you buy it at the store. Ice Cube is also the name of a famous rapper.
Me: I want ice cubes in my soda next time, BITCH!
Rap Fan: Ice Cube is the man!
by mark101 June 18, 2008
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a westcoast hip hop legend that people seem to forget about. everyone always talk about tupac , biggie, nas. well what about ice cube he started this gangsta shit.
person 1: my fav rappers are biggie and tupac.

person 2: what about ice cube?

person 1: oh yea hes good too
by bigdaddywest September 11, 2010
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The Dopest Mother Fucker Out there!!!!!!! Ice Cube wrote 6 out of 11 songs on NWA and The Posse and killed all the dope ish on Staight Out of Compton. Plus he came out with no vasaline which spank all the rhymes on the NWA albums and Eazy E!
According to ICE CUBE: A Bitch is a bitch weather your poor or rich!
by SilentFuckUp August 13, 2006
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