Tom is such a hesitant, the job was offered to someone else because he couldn't make up his mind
by Shorouk July 15, 2017
Get the hesitant mug. expression for when you, or someone else doesnt follow through with a plan/opportunity.

the social equivalent of a stutter-step.

2.can also be used to describe the failure of others
1. damn it man, you had it! what happened with that chick?
"idk dude....hesitated"

its all good man, here comes another

- what do you think happened to him?

response: (shaking head with disapproval) "hesitated"
2. shiiiit did you see that? he's got no game at all!!

"hahahaha man he's a bitch. hesitated"
by themonster May 27, 2009
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1: To not wait

2: the name of a very attractive band with a lot of good looking people in it
1: I would so like to go get frozen yogurt, no hesitation.
2: Did you see No Hesitation perform at the Talent Show? They were awesome.
3: I still want frozen yogurt. Or we could go go-carting, no hesitation.
4: Kinslee wanted us to get frozen yogurt, but we played Lazer Tag instead. The green team won. No Hesitation.
by hey_its_Sydney_Adams May 27, 2013
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when some give you a nut tap and you dont think they got you then 5 seconds later bam your balls feel like there in your throat
barry just gave me a nut tap but it didnt hurt..... 5 seonds later bam the hesitator oh fuck my balls are in my throat.
by r.g. "aka" chet September 10, 2010
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Gerard Way's (formerly of My Chemical Romance) solo album released on September 30, 2014. Songs include Action Cat, No Shows, and Millions. Rather than MCR's alternative based sound, the album is more Brit-pop.
I'm fairly sure anyone who likes MCR is going to like Hesitant Alien.
by MCR Fangirl February 6, 2015
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One step down from homophobic.
Thing 1: There's a bunch of gay guys in our building. I'm assuming they're gay; they were in speedos. But it's cool. They'll probably make great neighbors.
Thing 2: OMG, you're totally homo-hesitant!
by A Bailey Rae November 10, 2010
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Someone who pauses prior to stepping on an escalator due to irrational fear of stepping on the cracks…
This usually happens in rush hour, and often results in the person behind falling over themselves or over the culprit as a result of the impromptu hesitation.
great, another escalator hesitator holding us up ..
by silkist October 28, 2010
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