A word often describing somebody who is being stubborn, pouting or just a flat out pussy. This slang term originated in Georgetown Ontario and is used by all of the Waste Yutes in town.
Bryson: I wish we didn't have to go to the club, I'm so tired and its so cold out
Carson: wow Soft side

Mitch: Want to invite Bryson out tonight?
Joey: No, he's always Soft Side
by Diabeticyute January 16, 2019
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The idea of management treating it's employees badly, and then treating them slightly less bad to induce a false sense of caring. Similar to Stockholm syndrome. If you were struck with a broom handle every day simply because you existed, the day your captor switched to the soft side of the broom would leave you feeling much better despite the fact that you were still struck for no reason.
SSgt- Hey airman...I know we're pulling twelves this week, but I'm gonna cut you out half an hour early today as a thanks for all the hard work

A1C- Golly gee, that's so nice of the SSgt
Sra- More like "the soft side of the broom" but I'll take whatever time off I can get...
by TheBURKHOLDER November 29, 2016
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