undesired, unfortunate, stupid, gay
Ew, that college charges like twice as much for out of state students? That's kinda homeopathic.
by Kzzl November 4, 2003
A "healer" who uses natural remedies such as essences of plants and snake venoms to heal ailments. Medicines used in these cases are based upon the patients religion.
I have an appointment with my homeopath to get my anti-venom today.
by ryanm406638 May 26, 2008
Hey Bubba! Ya'll know that there Republican Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham?
I heerd tell he's homeopath.
by Froombish September 17, 2013
A homeopathic beer is a weak brew; typically low in alcoholic content.
Milton, being a complete wuss, brought a six-pack of homeopathic beer to the barbecue.
by Angel of the Morning February 23, 2020
The sort of intelligence possessed by narcissists who spend half the time guffing about how mentally developed they are and spend the other half making the same stupid mistakes ... again and again and again. From the so-called Law of Infinitesimals followed in preparing homeopathic doses, which alleges that the more medicine there is in the medicine, the less medicine there is in the medicine, and vice versa.
Sarah told me how stupid all her classmates are, and then went off to shell out for another month of mildew under her cowboy landlord. She has plenty of intelligence, does ol' Sarah, but I'm afraid it's mostly homeopathic intelligence.
by Fearman April 10, 2008
This is a synonym for light (lite) beer; essentially a watered-down, unsubstantial beer.
Bud, being a wimp, went into Finnegan's Bar and ordered a Bud Lite. The Guinness-drinking crowd snickered at him for ordering a homeopathic beer.
by eViL pOp TaRt June 17, 2010
The state of being so poor you can't afford food, shelter, or clothing
Due to his homeopathic wealth, Kevin had to give up his apartment and sleep in his car.
by alienmindtrick January 5, 2019