A closeted Southern Republican who is as confused about his support for Trump as he is with his own sexuality; he can bitch-slap Trump one day and blow him the next.
When confronted by a Lindsey Graham, Trump doesn’t know whether to cover his face or pull out his dick.
by IntlManoMystery February 20, 2019
A Republican Senator from South Carolina that frequently plays ass-grab with John McCain, and Joe Lieberman. Attempted to gain the Republican Party presidential ticket in the 2016 election course, but suspended his campaign due to low poll numbers and absence of support.
Lindsey Graham called Republican candidate and now president Donald Trump a "jackass." Trump later came back by calling Graham a idiot, and releasing out his personal cell phone number.
by BlenderThatBlendsThings February 2, 2017
A fluffer. In reference to Lindsey Graham performing fellatio on Donald John Trump before they screw America.
Ted Cruz was the gay porn star’s Lindsey Graham.“
by KnowSpin January 10, 2021
A sexual position enjoyed by closeted homosexuals. It involves getting it from behind from two well hung twinks using only spit for lube, simultaneously enjoying it and getting red-faced embarrassed by how much you're enjoying it, all while pleading for them to stop but refusing to use your safe word.
Steve: How was last night?
Reginald: Absssolutely delightful! I was out all night and had a Cleveland Steamer and a Lindsey Graham! It. Was. Wonderful!
by William Eitch Macy October 21, 2020
1. A bitch ass republican who wants to suck Donald Trumps Dick. Trump wont let him because he's too much of a bitch. He also has a lisp and is a disgrace to all the LGBT community.

2. A Dick weasel

3. A closet homophobe with a female name.
A douchebag: Trump won the election there was mass vote fraud
Me: Thanks Lindsey Graham
Bystander: That douchebag is a total Lindsey Graham.
by Dirty JonR December 6, 2020
1. (Verb) To give an misogynistic, borderline-hysterical political performance for the benefit of a legislative body and/or a well-connected sexual predator.

2. (Noun) A sniveling, closeted Republican hack from South Carolina.
1. "Jerry's speech at the town meeting sure was over-the-top -- what kind of a person argues AGAINST 18 U.S.C. § 2250 (Failure to register)? Someone there should tell him there's no point in Lindsey Graham Cracker-ing federal law!"

2. New cadets at the Citadel beware: often, older men claiming to offer "special mentorship" and invitations off campus to drink mint juleps are nothing more than Lindsey Graham Crackers lying in wait.
by Public Publius October 12, 2018
Senator Lindsey Graham’s new nickname after the Kavanaugh debacle.
That good ol’ Confederate white boy, Lindsey Graham Cracker, will have his ass voted straight out of the Senate at the next election.
by Dr Bunnygirl October 5, 2018