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"A City upon a Hill" was the name John Winthrop gave to Boston.
"We shall be as a City upon a Hill. The eyes on the world are upon us."
by Angel of the Morning February 24, 2020
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A bowling shoe sophisticate is person who dresses in outré clothing when going to a nice restaurant, such as leisure suits, bolo ties, and bowling shoes. Obviously, this is meant sarcastically.
Yes, Hector was a true bowling shoe sophisticate: he wore yoga pants, a university sweatshirt, and - yes! - bowling shoes with the size on the back.
by Angel of the Morning February 6, 2020
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A free feel is what you allow your b.f. is he's been very nice and understanding with you.
Well, Jim listened to my lengthy tale of woe; so I undid my bra under my sweater and let him comfort me with a free feel.
by Angel of the Morning February 6, 2020
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A kitty flasher is a girl who will show her boobs in order to get a set of Mardi Gras beads.
Clarissa was a novice titty flasher. She got a haul of 34 Mardi Gras beads from flashing her titties.
by Angel of the Morning February 6, 2020
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A gris-gris is used in Voodoo as an amulet or talisman that supposedly brings good luck or keeps bad luck away.
Wear this gris-gris to bring you good luck and keeps away the bad.
by Angel of the Morning March 2, 2020
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When he tickles your clitoris, he is doing some heavy antipodal exploration.
Matt got me to climax last night with some heavy antipodal exploration.
by Angel of the Morning January 31, 2020
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