The first thing a cashier will guess if you're buying hot dogs and buns, when really you're just a fucking bachelor.
Cashier: Having a barbecue?
by Douglas Young October 11, 2007
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When two guys have sex with one girl. One guy is fucking her in her vagina while the other is fucking her in the mouth. During this, she is spun like a pig roast. For optimal pleasure, larger women are preferable.
like barbecuing a pig on a skewer. "Hey girl, do you like barbecues?!" " got a friend boy?"
by little piggy November 16, 2012
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Slang destroy by fire; burn; torch (slang sense) or an occasion for doing this
Hitler hosted many a book barbecue in Nazi Germany.
by Jon64Bailey July 29, 2011
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for a white girl, to date a black guy.
"She's smoking hot -- does she barbecue?"
by jane s. March 23, 2007
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a gathering of people, party ect where the ratio of guys to girls is wrong.
resulting in a large amount of sausage and meat
a party with a ratio of 2:3 of girls to guys is not considered a barbecue. The ratio must be lower than 1:2 of girls to guys
Bob: yo man how was that party on the weekend
Stu: it was a freaking barbecue so i got the fuck out of there
by Ae-damn December 22, 2007
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When you are smoking crystal meth out of a glass pipe and you burn your finger.
That bitch done barbecue her finger again!
by Diabolikal July 24, 2008
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Barbecue(eng): outdoors gatheting,

typically during warmer season/meats prepared outdoors on open flames...

origins: 1. barbe(fr): beard ie. a men's barber cul(fr): ass


2. Barbados Cuba (Barba'dos Cu'ba)
Don't eat the other tribe's barbecue, you might have known him.
by RedTinRun May 17, 2017
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