Watered-down horse urine that high school kids who can't hold their liquor drink because of its low price and lack of alcohol, which makes it possible to consume a large number without getting drunk.
"Someone switched my Bud Lite with urine and I didn't notice. Not surprisingly, I got more of a buzz from the urine..."
by Gordon Quick December 1, 2007
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Piss flavored water. From the princess of beer Budweiser- the weekest damn beer ever.
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
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yo nickifal! gimme another budlight! 12 aint enough!
by MarNiC May 6, 2005
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Product of an Enema

See Also: duece juice
hey Steve hand me a bud lite!
hold on i am almost done with this enema and i'll fill ya up!
by ClownAcademyBalloonProfessor November 12, 2009
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non-potent weed
"that was some weak weed"
"yeah, definately bud lite
by Ben Reith December 10, 2008
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1 (Common)
When you're so deranged, being a piece of aluminum with a type of urine another biological life form other than humans which can not produce containing it for them to drink because the different waste molecules make them weird,

That you decide, despite not having the any such purpose in having a gender, to all of a sudden and for no good reason to NOT JUST TO BECOME GAY, but EFFEMINATELY gay

and then support an insane cult that supports inappropriate behavior towards children and supporting this cult of special crazy selfish people who just want to ruin women's sports and do bad things in women's places such bathrooms,

and for no obvious reason to you, and you are surprise, your sales drop in the FIRST SUCCESSFULL BOYCOT EVER by people NOT DAEMONICALLY POSSESED BY THE DAEMONS OF 'SHE WHO THIRSTS' (SLANESH)


;causing retailers to

remove the amount of shelf space you have


1 you spent decades building up
2 that is darn near impossible to build back in less than 40 years
3 giving it to your competitors
4 and becoming a GOSH DARN tv trope for all companies in the world to not want to happen to their brand
5 Costing billions in sales revenue
6 and you may get sued for

2 ( Hilarious )
When a bunch of silly absolute noobs think they are going to punish bud light (or Anheiser Bush)
by switching to an obscure brand no one knew existed
and it is owned by the same company they are trying to spite. Moldova?
'Uh, oh.

Remove the totally, one hundred percent, inappropriate adult stuff that adults should definitely never have to explain to their kids that absolutely counts as indoctrination without a doubt...

or we are going to find ourselves in an
Bud Lite Situation
and our stock holders will probably sue us for ruining (nuking) their stocks.
by bobsterclause June 4, 2023
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Bud Lite drinker....basically a Fag, or a liberal cuck. Because no real man with working balls and heterosexual red blood in his veins will touch that horsepiss.
"I didn't know Todd was aBud Lite drinker, but I always suspected he was a bit light in the loafers, yknow?"
by TheTarget June 10, 2023
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