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Used to describe a new product or trend that is healthier, cheaper, or wussier (but rarely all three) than the original.

See Miller Lite, Kazaa Lite, lite rock.

In its proper use, lite should appear AFTER the noun it is modifying. This gives the term an appropriately quirky feel.
Your local community college--University Lite.
by Lady Chevalier June 10, 2005
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a term generally famous among Indian engineering students for referring to something unimportant or something which is not worth paying attention to
"I am so sorry I forgot your birthday."
"Lite dude! Not a big deal."
by This_is_serious July 13, 2015
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A scaled-down version of a software product, offering only a limited set of features, often free, otherwise much cheaper than the full product.

This is often used as a way of getting buyers who are interested to pay for the full product when they wish to use the features that the lite version does not support.

Sometimes there is a lite version of a product that even has a free version with more features, but not everybody requires these features.
BuzzSoft Lite (made-up example)
Winamp Lite (real example)
by bylli May 20, 2009
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take it eazy, let it go, dont bother yourself

a very popular word in Hyderabad, India.
A: I think we'll be punished for this.
B:lite. nuthing will happen.

a:do u think i shud go say sorry to her?
b: lite.
by vandana merani August 13, 2005
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-(light)- something that is easily done or accomplished
-not much
-dam nigga, you be reppin 250 easy
-suttin lite

by Jack PP May 19, 2007
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Yo man lemme get a lite so i can spark up this blunt.
by youngbull June 21, 2005
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A shortened version of light, meaning having less weight substance.
<place example here>
by JT February 5, 2005
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