To pay for something, generally applies to paying large amounts of money
"Man, I had to shell out $300 for a new computer monitor."
by Blackmac November 10, 2003
1. usually means "to pay for"
2. to hand or give out
by Balder November 9, 2003
We went bowling last night and I had to shell out because no one else had any cash.
by octopod November 9, 2003
to dispense, esp. money
He didn't get a new tv because he didn't want to shell out 150 bucks.
by suh spaynkzaloht November 10, 2003
adjective - relating to consuming excessive amounts of room service, shelling out is essentially the equivalent of crabbing or lobstering in the context of a chinese buffet. shelling out is particularly embarrassing if exectued at the hotel poolside
"shall i call room service again or are you about to shell out?"
by buffetmaster March 1, 2009
Having to pay an amount of money for something, especially if unexpected or having to pay more than one thinks is a fair price.
"I brought the whole family to the game, which cost a fortune. To make things worse, once I got there had to shell out to buy hotdogs, icecream, sodas, and baseball hats!"
by Mark D Smith November 10, 2003
The set of delaying tactics, mystified looking around moves and "where the hell's my wallet" self-frisking someone makes when they want you to pickup the check.
He's in a startup now and won't pay for anything, all he'll do is pull a Shell-out Falter on you.
by Ross Brunson June 8, 2011