Describes an individual with the ability to cure ails, be they physical or mental.

In RPGs, these players are the most vital and therefore the least likely to be experienced.

In 3D shooters, after you kill someone, these are the players who rush madly into your crosshairs and are promptly pumped full of lead.
Fury: Everyone ready?
Everyone: yeah!
Fury: Yaar!
Fury: Ok, I'm poisoned. Need to be cured.
Fury: Hello? Healers?
Fury: wtf??
Monk2318: bak

You have killed cobra-killer-86
You have killed freehealth4u
You have killed cobra-killer-86
by EternalFury December 12, 2005
Someone that can produce healing to the body through means not readily available to modern medicine.

John Kerry if elected.
"If John Kerry is elected" said John Edwards at a campaign stop, "then the lame will walk." I guess that means the latest campaign promise is that Kerry will become a healer if elected.
by Think October 13, 2004
as a way to call the story "the healer" with an ice girl and a fire girl. An ice girl is a physical healer who makes others healthy, but an fire girl is a truly healer who makes people feel extremely good, deep inside
The healer is a weird story
by Trang Nguyen March 20, 2006
Being in a very calm situation with someone who is very comforting and soft spoken. That then their presence just heals any pain from the bad day you could possibly be having.
😓:I had such a stressful day, but being in your presence healed me.

☺️:I’m calling you my healer
by Ah shush January 25, 2022
Steve: Today was stressful
Alan: Have you got anything to skin up a healer
Steve: Yes, lets smoke a healer.

*Smoked the healer*

Steve: I feel so healed now

cannabis ganja fat one marijuana joint biff bing bong 420 weed heal high stoned hash pot
by Healing247 July 1, 2012
There is no healing, so there are no healers.
She claimed to be a healer, but if her fringe beliefs that she was the true messiah were questioned, she could always fall back on science and claim to be a person of faith and science at the same time, whichever one people wouldn't question.
by The Original Agahnim September 26, 2021
There is no healing, so there are no healers.
She believed she was the messiah, and that anyone that questioned her beliefs about being a healer was a hater.
by The Original Agahnim September 26, 2021