Describes an individual with the ability to cure ails, be they physical or mental.

In RPGs, these players are the most vital and therefore the least likely to be experienced.

In 3D shooters, after you kill someone, these are the players who rush madly into your crosshairs and are promptly pumped full of lead.
Fury: Everyone ready?
Everyone: yeah!
Fury: Yaar!
Fury: Ok, I'm poisoned. Need to be cured.
Fury: Hello? Healers?
Fury: wtf??
Monk2318: bak

You have killed cobra-killer-86
You have killed freehealth4u
You have killed cobra-killer-86
by EternalFury December 11, 2005
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Someone that can produce healing to the body through means not readily available to modern medicine.

John Kerry if elected.
"If John Kerry is elected" said John Edwards at a campaign stop, "then the lame will walk." I guess that means the latest campaign promise is that Kerry will become a healer if elected.
by Think October 12, 2004
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as a way to call the story "the healer" with an ice girl and a fire girl. An ice girl is a physical healer who makes others healthy, but an fire girl is a truly healer who makes people feel extremely good, deep inside
The healer is a weird story
by Trang Nguyen March 19, 2006
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Steve: Today was stressful
Alan: Have you got anything to skin up a healer
Steve: Yes, lets smoke a healer.

*Smoked the healer*

Steve: I feel so healed now

cannabis ganja fat one marijuana joint biff bing bong 420 weed heal high stoned hash pot
by Healing247 July 01, 2012
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The guy/gal following you in PvP (in MMOs), healing you. Basically, your personal healer. Sadly, they're the first ones to be attacked if the enemies are smart. If they're not, they get owned. Be nice to pocket healers... or you'll die.
Me: Yo man, I'm dying here! Throw a heal plz!
Pocket healer: *heals me*
Me: Thanks! Sup, bitches? *proceeds to destroy enemies*
by vutraz January 06, 2012
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A disturbing yet controversial anime

This "anime" (i can believe it’s not hentai) depicts of the main character who been summoned in a fantasy gifted with the ability to "heal" people and helps his "group" destroy demons and all of those supernatural agencies. He was generically useless as a result he recieved severe and traumatic punishment from a princess named “Fraya" he was drugged, beaten, spoilt, even r**** by other characters he has no relations with. And so he was tired of all the torture so he fights a demon and defeats and takes out some sort magical material (notably daimond) out of her chest and uses his "healing" power to reverse time exactly 4 years before he joined the group to start his revenge. coming to realisation that his own "healing power" can practically do anything than just heal people given him this overwhelming strength. Including the eye of truth were he can reveal statistics of an adventurer and poison resistance (when he eats poisons mushrooms/drug but isnt affected in any way). He then decides to find Fraya (since she tortured him the most) he then beats her up then pulls out 5 of her fingers and then uses "heal" to revert it back to normal then begins to ravaging her.

I would 99.85% not recommend watching/reading this (the manga is far worse) even though i know people may have watched it and came to this definition to see my POV. If you wanna see true dark fantasy just watch Berserk or something idk
1: I can’t believe Redo of Healer this isnt a hentai
2: Me too
3: I think its a nice anime

1: its a revenge porn hentai which is somehow classified as an anime
3: Fraya got what she deserved (•̀ᴗ•́)و
2: three you’re disgusting ಠ_ಠ
by Zulsom123 January 28, 2021
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Typically a charismatic individual who claims to be able to use the power of god to heal diseases and other afflictions.

Most 'evidence' for these people consists of vague testimonials for cases where there was either no proof that the person was ill before-hand, or diseases that can simply go in to remission.

Faith healers prey on the desperate and in some cases can actually cause deaths when people abandon conventional medicine because they have faith in the faith healer.
John: Wow, Peter Popoff is an amazing faith healer. I saw him heal some woman's cancer last night.
Steve: How do you know she had cancer in the first place or is actually cured?
John: Peter said she was cured.
Steve: Don't you think it odd that he never heals visible disorders like burns, scars or missing limbs? He only ever heals things that can't easily be seen. Why doesn't God want these people to be healed?
by Sean Kehoe October 26, 2006
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