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1: n. Germanic warlord/mercenary from 1500-1700 A.D.

2: adj. pertaining to Germanic warlord/mercenary from 1500-1700 A.D. barbaric.

3: n. An unclean individual who attempts to portray himself as hypermasculine. Predominant in 1980s U.S.A. Common traits include dirty mullet hairstyle, pathetic facial hair, tight fitting acid-washed jeans, black vintage metal tee (cut-off sleeves optional), and "ticking-timebomb" demeanor. Hobbies include stealing bikes, metal, and whoopin' ass. A hesher.

4: adj. of or pertaining to a hesher.
1: The hessians helped the British fight against the U.S. during the Revolutionary War.

2: In a hessian manner, the savage devoured his meal in under sixty seconds.

3: Don't mess with that hessian. He'll go apeshit and gnash his tooth.

4: He released his hessian aggression not through stomping a mudhole in your ass, but by shredding a badass guitar solo even Dave Mustaine would envy.
by Joe Wise February 26, 2004
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That guy at the show who shouts "Slayer" repeatedly, holds a beer in one hand in the pit, and takes off his shirt fifteen minutes into the first band's set.
I wanted to go to the Dying Fetus show but quickly decided against it because I knew that there would be too many Hessians there.
by AdamXXX October 21, 2005
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1) A person who is proud of being a fan of heavy metal music. A headbanger.

2) German soldiers from the state of Hesse who were hired by Britain to fight in the American Revolution
I was at a Slayer show last night and there were a lot of hessians there.

George Washington sure knew hoe to kick some Hessian ass!
by Slayer6669 July 05, 2010
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Rocker, Stoner, F-dude or F-chick type.

Ok, Come on guys we all know the "Germanic Mercenary Fighters" definition but this is URBAN-DICTIONARY not Websters history class! If you don't know the Urban Meaning then leave it to the professionals.

This term was widely used during the 80s to denote a white-trash stoners or rockers and yes most of them did have dime-bags, mullets and AC-DC Tee-Shirts!

They typically listened to AC-DC, Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Early Metalica.
Dude! did you see all the hessians in the park playing Hackysack?

I saw a hessian with the sweetest Knee-High Moccasins. I need to get a pair of those babies.
by kuernodechivo January 20, 2010
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A grungy, if not outright dirty metalhead who wears combat boots, ripped up stone-washed jeans, long greasy hair, and can be found at starter-metal concerts and metalcore shows.
I kicked these three hessians in the head when I was in the dance pit.
by Seppuku Smile July 09, 2003
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Someone who lives in Hesse, a german state. Being a real "Hessian" means you're uber german. Everyone who has seen Sleepy Hollow knows that.
Mr. I: I am Hessian
Mrs. P: Oh...does that mean you're a strange Metalhead who doesn't wash himself?
Mr. I: NO! It meanst that i am living in Hesse near Frankfurt!
Mrs. P: Sorry, didn't want to insult you.
by Tempesta April 30, 2004
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