Dirty. But not just dirty. Army boot dirty. Men's room floor dirty.
Geez, that tee is fuckin' grungy. Don't wash it, just burn it.
by mohanchous September 12, 2005
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Preceder (earlier version) of the word grunge.
Your ripped pants make you look as grungy as hell.
by bloopsomething December 22, 2008
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grumpy angry happy chill bored interested and tired in 1 word
person 1: yo dude i'm real grungy rn
person 2: damn dude, me too
by budget_insomniac September 12, 2020
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Grungie is , to put it simply , a cross between a punk-rocker and a hippy. They listen to grunge music, like nirvana and the like.

Grunge began, in the mid 80s, with Seattle indie rock and punk like mudhoney and the Melvins, and their thoughts on life and politics becoming “popular” in the underground punk world. Nirvana brought grunge music to the forefront, and the style became popular.

As for the style its self, it was spawned by combining the styles of hippies, punks, and the mere niceties of Seattle life. The long hair and naturalist theories of hippies, and the ripped jeans and “anarchist” liberal views of punks , and the fact that Seattle is really cold made them were Flannel , creating the "grunge look".
by Guy_on_41 September 13, 2003
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very dirty, but in a weird, way totally hot!
He is so grungy, but he is so hot!
by Rainy heaven November 3, 2008
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A mixture of grunge and hippie all glued together with drugs mucis and green things =
"come meet the Grungies. Theyre going on a Green Peace parade"
by sickass dissa October 8, 2007
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old, funky-asss drawers
Damn, dawg! Change your damn grungies! I can smell em from over here!
by Nate June 3, 2003
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